In order to enter Morocco, all passengers require a passport as an identification document.

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All passengers must comply and present the right document to enter Morocco which will be stamped directly by the Moroccan Police on board.

Another document when leaving Morocco has to be filled in and stamped once again by the Moroccan Police in the Harbor Station from Tanger Ville or Tanger MED.

Travelling with Vehicles

If a passenger travels with a vehicle, they must fill in the D16 document shown in the link below:



Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Passengers with special needs (passengers with impaired sight, impaired hearing, intellectual and physical disability) who require special assistance and travel with Inter Shipping will be guided at all times on board of the vessel. The passenger must, under obligation, advise the company when affecting a reservation, informing the type of assistance the passenger requests in order to provide the correct assistance on the vessel and during the trip.

The passenger should present themselves 1 hour prior to boarding if travelling without a vehicle. In the case of a passenger travelling with a vehicle, the passenger should present themselves 2 hours prior to boarding.

Inter Shipping informs, on board of the vessels, the boarding procedure and services offered (Passengers with Reduced Mobility).

Inter Shipping also offers the option of travelling with another person who can accompany the passenger who requires assistance on board.


Pets on board

Pets on board

Inter Shipping also provides the service of travelling with domestic pets such as dogs and cats as well as other inoffensive animals. The animal must travel in an enclosed carrier, deemed to be acceptable and safe.

The Passenger must ensure that the regulations in force of the destination (Morocco), allow the animal to enter the country, complying with the local legislation such as:

  1.  Standards of Hygiene
  2.  All required documentation for its ownership and transportation

Service on Board

Service on Board



All vessels owned by InterShipping dispose of the most modern services such as arm chair seats, Duty Free shops, cafeterias, restaurants, self service etc…

Condiciones del contrato de transporte de Pasajeros

Boarding Conditions


All tickets are nominative, cannot be exchanged or transferred.

The passenger must dispose of the right documentation under a valid expiry date, to enter Morocco. The “requested documentation” could also be handed over in the ticket office of Inter Shipping and in other selling points and boarding controls specifically from the personnel of Inter Shipping.    

No claim can be admitted if it is not accompanied by the boarding ticket.

The traveler, concerted with insurance, must follow the Obligatory Insurance of Travelers.

Inter Shipping is not responsible of any stolen or missing objects of the passengers. The company also follows this norm in terms of money and valuable objects of the passenger that have not been consigned to the personnel or Captain of the ship.

During the voyage, the passenger must abide to all general regulations on board, police instructions and the rules established by the Captain of the vessel.

The transport of vehicles with merchandise is conformed to the validity of the matter transported.

The boarding hours may be modified due to meteorological, technical or operative reasons. Inter Shipping will inform the passenger about any modifications or cancelations regarding the trips produced by the shipping company. 

In the case of any change in schedule, the client has full authorization to travel with another company or transport service.



Boarding Time

All passengers must present themselves at the right boarding time, possibly 30 minutes before boarding. In the case of vehicles boarding on the vessel, it is advisable to arrive 1 hour before the boarding time.

Ticket Cancelations/Modifications

Any ticket could be cancelled at any moment, 2 hours before the departure time under the following conditions:

  1. A 10% penalty if the cancelation of the ticket is requested 48 hours before the departure.
  2. A 20% penalty if the cancelation of the ticket is requested 48 hours before the departure and always 2 hours before.
  3. The cancelation, if prior to the time of departure, consists of a penalty of the full ticket.
  4. The tickets purchased are only available for the time of departure requested by the passenger.
  5. The modification of the time of departure may occur at any moment during the validity of the ticket
  6. The passenger acquires the option to choose whether they should return on a specific date or leave the ticket OPEN. An OPEN ticket is valid for 1 year and can only be modified according to the request of the passenger.


A reimbursement can only be affected at the same selling point and changed for the same payment method (credit card or cash).

In the case of a passenger requesting the reimbursement of only one way of the total ticket, a discount is applied.

Online Reimbursements

All tickets purchased online, through the Inter Shipping Website, can only be reimbursed in the offices of Inter Shipping, presenting all physical evidence of the purchased ticket.

Online reimbursements also follow the general conditions in the transport contract above.

The request of this specific reimbursement will be examined and later informed to the client once a decision/solution has been taken.

 The following consist of all the necessary data one must present when requesting a reimbursement through Inter Shipping WEB:

  1.  Reservation Number
  2.  Name and Surname of Passenger
  3.  Passport Number
  4.  Time of Departure
  5.  Time of Arrival
  7.  Signature
  8.  Email Confirmation
  9.  Telephone Number

Hand Luggage

A passenger travelling without a vehicle is permitted one hand luggage (maximum 30kgs). If the passenger travels with a vehicle and baggage, it is prohibited to include any product or dangerous material not permitted by the authorities of Spain and Morocco.


It is absolutely prohibited to smoke on board and in any parts of the ship including toilets. Passengers are only permitted to smoke in the areas of the ship outside the reserved zones.

The conditions of the contract of transport of passengers are also available in the offices of Inter Shipping in Spain and Morocco, including in all travel agencies operating with the ports of Spain and Morocco.

EU Regulation 117/2010. Rights of the passengers travelling by sea and inland waterway

In coordination with article 23.1 of the cited Regulation, Inter Shipping informs the passengers of the above cited EU Regulations.