INTERSHIPPING.SARL is a shipping company operating Ro-Ro and passenger vessels between two continents-Europe and Africa in the maritime transportation of Passengers, Vehicles and cargo. The central operations are in Tanger MED and Tanger Ville and in Spain, Tarifa and Algeciras. 





1. Data

The website strictly belongs to INTERSHIPPING.SARL (Inter Shipping), number of I.F 40474151, residing in

18, Rue Farabi Apartments N. 22 &23 90000 Tanger, Marrueccos


2. Users

The access of/and the use of this website attributes to the conditions of the USERS, that accepting the given action, reflects on the General Conditions of Users. The given Conditions are applicable independently of the General Conditions of Contracting, which in this case results in an obliged law.

3.Use of Website

www.intershipping.es provides the access of multiple sources of information, services, programs and data (contents) in Internet which specifically belong to InterShipping or to its employees of which have the consent of access. The USER handles the responsibility of the use of the website. The responsibility holds the necessity of entering the website to access various services and contents. The USER is solely responsible to establish any information under a strictly lawful condition. Providing that the USER contributes to the given conditions, a password is disposed, given that the use remains diligent and confidential. The USER commits to dispose of the service in an adequate manner (for ex. Chat services, forums, and news groups) which Inter Shipping offers through its website and a not limiting but declarative character not employed in the case of:

  1. Illicit or illegal activity that go against the truthfulness and order of the public
  2. Spreading various contents and propaganda entailing any racist, xenophobic, pornographic or terroristic acts which go against human rights
  3. Damaging the system in the physical and logistic terms of Inter Shipping, of its owners and third parties in relation to the introduction of viruses or other abuses.
  4. Intent to access and/or utilize the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate any messages.

Inter Shipping has the right to withdraw any comment and provision that go against the dignity of a person, whether discriminatory xenophobic, racist, pornographic or that go against young person’s o infants and finally the security of the public that are not allowed to be published. In any case, Inter Shipping is not responsible for the opinions of the users through the chats, forums and other types of participants.

Data Protection

Inter Shipping follows the Constitutional Law 15/1999 of the 13th of December of Personal Data Protection, the Royal Legislative Decree 1720/2007 of the 21st of December stating the approval of the above stated Agreement in the development of the Constitutional Law and other regulations in force of every moment for the guarantee of correct use of the user’s data.

The users of Inter Shipping may dispose of personal formulae of collected data that puts into practice the existence and acceptance of the terms and conditions of each case, informing them of the responsibility of its creation, the directive and the possibility to dispose the rights of access, rectification, cancelation or opposition in the communication of third parties.

As well, Inter Shipping informs its contribution to the Law 34/2002 of the 11th of July, of Services of Society in the Information and Electronic Commerce, solicited in contentment to the treatment of its email address in terms of commercial matters.


Intellectual and Industrial Property

Inter Shipping is entitled to all the rights of industrial and intellectual property of its website as well as the contents it entails (announcements, images, sounds, audio, video, software or texts, brands or logo, combination of colors, structure and design, selection of materials, computer programs necessary in order to function, access and use. The above are strictly entitled to Inter Shipping and personnel.

In relation to the articles 8 and 32.1, second paragraph, of the Law of Intellectual and Industrial Property, is strictly expressed the prohibition of reproduction, distribution and public communication, its disposition of part of or all contents of the web page in commercial terms through any technical terms or support without the consent and authorization of Inter Shipping.

The USER must respect all rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property entitled by Inter Shipping. The USER has full authority to view the elements of the website and print any data from the website, copy or save any data on their computer or in another physical file keeping into consideration that the extracted information is kept private and confidential. The USER should be abstinent to eliminate or manipulate any protected device or security system that is installed in the web page of Inter Shipping.

Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibility

Inter Shipping is not responsible, in any case, of any damage of any constitution that may occur, summarized: errors and omissions in the contents, in cases of no availability of the website or any transmission of viruses or manipulative and harmful videos, putting into consideration that it follows all adopted technological norms necessary to prevent the said event from happening.


Inter Shipping, complies the right to effect, without any prior notice the modifications, considered opportune in the website in order to change, eliminate or add any contents and services using the same form in which the data is presented or located in its website.


In the case that www.intershipping.es collaborates, links or connects to any other areas of Internet, Inter Shipping is not responsible to control the above mentioned areas and contents. In no case, Inter Shipping S.L is responsible of the links related to any abnormalities in the website. It does not guarantee any technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, amplitude, veracity, validity and constitutionalism of any material or information containing no hyperlinks or other Internet websites. This also applies in terms of external connections that do not imply any kind of association, fusion or participation to the connected entities.   

Right of Exclusion

Inter Shipping reserves itself to the right to deny or accept any entry to the system of the website and/or the services it entails without any pre-advise. In the case of any incorrectness towards the company, the right actions will be taken.

General Information

Inter Shipping applies a civil penalty to the consequences of not completing the present conditions and rights of the company.

Modification of the present Conditions and Duration

Inter Shipping presents the right to modify, at any point in time, the conditions applied in the present document and publicized as they appear. The validity of the above cited conditions remain public until its function changes until they appear to be modified and publicized.

Applicable Legislations and Jurisdictions

The relation between Inter Shipping and the USER are governed by the current Spanish normative. Any further controversy shall be submitted to the Magistrates Court of Algeciras

Methods of Payment

In order to affect a payment through credit card, Inter Shipping disposes of a new payment system called Maroc Telecommerce.

Maroc Telecommerce is a service which holds all the transactions affected and is commercially associated to Maroc Telecommerce S.A.

All data registered for Maroc Telecommerce S.A, under the platform of Maroc Telecommerce, under the name of Inter Shipping, comply all the commercial transaction between the client and the company Inter Shipping.