As from November 2012, Inter Shipping has been operating through Tanger MED/Algeciras offering, apart from the transport of passengers and vehicles, the maritime transport of cargo.


Today, three RO-RO vessels operate the line of Algeciras-Tanger MED. These are M/V Nova Star, M/V Amman and M/V Clipper Point.


Together with their advanced navigation and modern technology, these vessels navigate between Algeciras and Tanger MED in only 90 minutes.


The vessel Nova Star disposes of 161 meters in dimension and 26 meters from the beam, offering a total capacity of 1.500 lineal meters divided between 2, fully equipped with access to several ramps.


The vessels also offer the options of duty free, cafeterias, and bars specifically for the truck drivers.

The vessel Amman disposes of 139 meters in dimension and 19 meters from the beam, offering a total capacity of 1.800 lineal meters (105 units of cargo), divided between 2- one bottom ramp and a higher, uncovered ramp of access, also equipped for the transport of live animals.


The vessel reserves a special area for the drivers of the trucks boarding with our vessels.


In the low season, each vessel consists of three rotational trips to four in the high season.